Museums | The National Museum (free)

Copenhagen National Museum 01 webCopenhagen National Museum 02 webCopenhagen National Museum 03 web

The National Museum (Nationalmuseet) is located in the city center, between Christiansborg Palace and the museum Glyptoteket. You can walk through the entire history of Denmark and explore “The Ethnographic Collection” holding amazing items from different cultures – Native American, Eskimo, Maori, Buddhist, African, Asian and many more. You can see the “Classical and Near Eastern Antiquities” exhibition, with artifacts from Ancient Egypt (such as mummies – awesome!), Greece, Italy and The Roman Empire, The Near East and Cyprus. There is also a Children’s Museum (where it is actually allowed to touch stuff!) and also changing, temporary exhibits.

From 14. June – 14. September you can see the exhibition “Wallpaper of It’s Time” that shows Danish wallpapers from 1930-1965.

Entrance is FREE. You can buy food at the cafeteria or bring your own to eat in the lunchroom or garden (see above). There is free wi-fi at the museum – just join the network: Natmus_Free_Wifi.

website | map | The Prince’s Palace · Ny Vestergade 10 · København K | Tuesday – Sunday 10.00-17.00


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