Christianshavn | Part I: Panorama & Courtyards


The Christianshavn neighborhood is located right across Knippelsbro bridge to the east of city center. It is surrounded by Copenhagen Harbor to the north-west, an old moat to the east and south and is full of small canals and streets that you could explore for hours.

If you sneek a peek inside some of the gates to the north of the canal and Torvegade you will find some gourgeous, fairy tale courtyards that almost make you feel as if you were in Southern Europe. Taking a walk in the area to the south of Torvegade and the canal you will find charming, colorful, old houses (especially on Amagergade). You’ll find that it is completely quiet and peaceful here compared to the busy main street. Go up and down both sides of the canal and you will see gorgeous scenic views with people hanging out at the edge of the canal, eating or having a beer, waving at the canal yours passing by.  To the east you’ll find Freetown Christiania with a life of it’s own and take a walk between the homebuilt houses enjoying the creative architecture. | map

Attractions: Christiania, Christianshavn’s Canal, world’s best restaurant Noma, Eperimentarium City, the Operahouse, Church of our Savior (spiral tower), view of the Black Diamond.


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