Street Art | Part I

Copenhagen offers some truly amazing street art and street art hunting is a fun way to explore the city. Info and locations:

1. Near the corner of  Sønder Boulevard/Krusågade That entire area is a street art gold mine. Since the new metro construction sites have been fenced in, the city has allowed street artists to express themselves on the surrounding green fences. This area is a great example.

2. The second photo is of an ENORMOUS 1000 m2 (10.763 ft2) piece at Bispeengen Recycling Station. The theme is futuristic, Copenhagen cityscape and recycling. The colors are stunning. So if you’re a street art fan (like me) this place is definitely worth a visit. . It’s a collaboration between 5 different street artists. Here’s a link to a video about the making of the piece (in danish). Their opening hours are 10am-6pm (5pm on the weekends)

3. This photo shows only a small part of a giant piece located an BaNanna Park in the city’s Nørrebro Quarter. The park is a hidden gem and I often get lost trying to find it 🙂 There are usually people sun bathing on the long, banana shaped hill, hanging out, barbecuing or climbing the wall. This one was also made by a group of artists. I will post more photos and a timelapse from this spot.

4. Number 4 is the 170m long (557ft) called “Evolution” located here in Sydhavnen (check it out in street view). It takes you from the big bang to the ice age, through dinosaurs, underwater creatures and mammoths. It runs along an old train track in a more or less deserted area. It is not far from the Fisketorvet shopping mall, by the harbor.



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