Festivals | Distortion 2014

This is a video I made from this year’s Distortion Festival. I filmed on day 2 in the Vesterbro quarter with a GoPro on a stick 🙂 Distortion is an enormous annual street festival lasting several days. It takes place in the streets of different areas of the city with lots of music and dancing as you can see. Distortion 2015 will take place 3-7 June | website | facebook | twitter | Instagram


Courtyards & Passages | Part I: Kringlegangen

Copenhagen PassageCopenhagen is full of beautiful hidden courtyards and passages that are fun to explore. This passage leads from the charming Gråbrødre Torv towards Strøget. You will find it right next to the burger joint Sporvejen, that is modelled after an old Copenhagen tram. | sporvejen website |

Copenhagen Bicycles | Part I: Evening at Nyhavn

IMG_8917 webThe best way to get around in Copenhagen is by bicycle. It is fast, it is cheap, healthy, environmentally friendly and there are bicycle paths almost everywhere. 50% of all Copenhageners ride their bikes to work or school. Beisikelli is a great place to rent a bike. They are cheap (50,- for 6 hours), they support a good cause and they have a cosy coffee shop where you can relax after a nice bike ride. | website

Nyhavn | Part I: An Evening Walk

Nyhavn Copenhagen Evening 01Nyhavn is one of the most visited spots in Copenhagen. There are plenty of restaurants, but if you’re on a budget or want to hang like the Copenhageners do, you can buy some take-out, beer or ice cream and sit down next to the many people hanging out with their feet over the water. It is an interesting mix of locals and travelers, which makes it a great place for people watching. There is usually a street musician nearby providing a sound track and setting the mood. Here you can see the old, colorful buildings bathing in the afternoon sun. Fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen (The Little Mermaid) used to live at Nyhavn number 20, 67 and 18 at different times. | website | wikipedia IMG_8884 web

World Santa Claus Congress | Summer 2014

Every summer a strange phenomenon happens in Copenhagen – Santas from around the world stream to Denmark for three days of the World Santa Claus Congress. It is a 50-year-old tradition and the dates change, but it always falls in the week of July 24th. This year they visited The Little Mermaid, took a canal tour through Copenhagen (yelling “ho ho ho” and confusing a lot of people), and did a parade down Strøget before heading to the amusement park Bakken, where the festiveties take place for three days. Merry Summer everybody! | website

Museums | The National Museum (free)

Copenhagen National Museum 01 webCopenhagen National Museum 02 webCopenhagen National Museum 03 web

The National Museum (Nationalmuseet) is located in the city center, between Christiansborg Palace and the museum Glyptoteket. You can walk through the entire history of Denmark and explore “The Ethnographic Collection” holding amazing items from different cultures – Native American, Eskimo, Maori, Buddhist, African, Asian and many more. You can see the “Classical and Near Eastern Antiquities” exhibition, with artifacts from Ancient Egypt (such as mummies – awesome!), Greece, Italy and The Roman Empire, The Near East and Cyprus. There is also a Children’s Museum (where it is actually allowed to touch stuff!) and also changing, temporary exhibits.

From 14. June – 14. September you can see the exhibition “Wallpaper of It’s Time” that shows Danish wallpapers from 1930-1965.

Entrance is FREE. You can buy food at the cafeteria or bring your own to eat in the lunchroom or garden (see above). There is free wi-fi at the museum – just join the network: Natmus_Free_Wifi.

website | map | The Prince’s Palace · Ny Vestergade 10 · København K | Tuesday – Sunday 10.00-17.00

Yoga for the People | Fælledparken

IMG_8643 web 2Free outdoor yoga every second saturday from 10-11 | 14. June – 23. August 2014 (check in for 2015) | facebook

Botanical Garden (free)

Copenhagen Botanical garden is located in the city center, near Nørreport Station. It is home to a large collection of plants and fungi. Part of the main green house is currently under restoration, but the sides are open and there is plenty to see in the surrounding area. You can also visit the café for something to drink or just take a walk in the beautiful park. | website | map

Parks | Fælledparken | On a foggy day